Janaki ENT Nursing Home (JENH) is a centre which provides complete ENT related healthcare under one roof. The hospital was established in the year 1985 and has been giving excellent and upto date ENT care with all recent advances in technology, diagnostics and surgeries. Its location is at the centre of commecial centre of chennai and easily accesible by bus and local trains. The hospital aims at giving quality ENT care to its patients. The operation theatre is fitted with all latest equipments and instruments to care for its patients.


He is a senior ent consultant with 35 years experience in the field of ent. he is a master in all middle ear surgeries and has performed over 5000 ear surgeries. he is the main director of JENH.

Dr.B.Vijay Kumar

He is a dynamic young ent surgeon trained in all recent ent surgeries. has mastered in micro laryngeal and endoscopic sinus surgeries. he is also interested in ear surgeries particularly surgeries done for hearing loss. has excellent track record in improving hearing outcomes after surgery. Has particular interest in sleep medicine and allergy related disease.

  • Department

    Diagnostic services - Xray. Well equipped Wipro G.E. X-Ray machine for ENT. Audiological evalution...

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  • Facilities

    Speech Therapy - Diagnosis, Voice disorders, Delayed speech and language, Misarticulation, Stroke...

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  • Faq

    Ear can be cleaned by itself because of migratory capacity of skin of ear canal. If you scratch ear often...

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